Night Loop

> > Oct 16 2012

Harlan - Night Loop
By Michael EdwardsWhile judging a CD by its cover isn't always the best idea, the grainy, monochrome photo with multiple lens flares on the front of Night Loop has a retro feel that suggests this is going to be trip back in time. And it is. Night Loop is a hard album to pin down because while there's no denying that there's '80s electro throwback at its heart, it dances around without settling into a comfortable, predictable groove like Twin Shadow does. And that's the record's downfall. If they had committed to their strengths ― making melancholy pop songs ― Night Loop would have been a great deal more successful, but it also dips its toes awkwardly into gloomier waters. While those songs add some atmosphere and depth, they also take away from the immediacy the rest of the record relies on. This is a mixed bag.
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