Hallelujah the Hills

Prepare To Qualify

> > May 2008

Hallelujah the Hills - Prepare To Qualify
By Michael EdwardsBoston band Hallelujah The Hills have promised to make 33 albums before they break up, apparently for no particular reason. But considering that their compositions are full of musical and lyrical non-sequiturs, it does kind of make sense in its own way. Prepare To Qualify collects five tracks the band have contributed to various music websites during the past year and adds a couple of new songs to round out this stopgap EP, until their next album appears next year. And, best of all, it can be downloaded for free at the band’s website, meaning there’s no excuse not to check this out. Considering it’s a free download, the EP is remarkably good and elegantly demonstrates just why the band’s debut album won such high praise last year. Plus, the new songs suggest that the overriding messiness of their early songs is now under control and that their masterpiece might come with 30 or so albums to spare.
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