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Golden Grrrls - Golden Grrrls
By Michael EdwardsGlasgow's Golden Grrrls are the latest band to keep the fine tradition of Scottish indie-pop alive with their quite literal take on the glory days of C86. Their self-titled debut is jam-packed with the types of songs that the Shop Assistants and the Fat Tulips specialised in: short, with lots of fast, fuzzy guitars and sweet harmonies. While they're hardly reinventing the wheel, the trio know how to make it spin smoothly — tracks hurtle along effortlessly and the boy-girl vocals are a joy. The band cite a love of all things Flying Nun, but it does sound like their influences are much closer to home. "Take Your Time" could quite easily be a forgotten Talulah Gosh track, while "We've Got…" could have been featured on any late '80s fanzine's cover-mounted mixtape. Golden Grrrls is an entertaining enough way to spend 30 minutes, although there's little below the surface. Like some C86 bands, Golden Grrrls might be better suited to seven-inch singles.
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