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Golden Grrrls - Golden Grrrls
By Joshua KlokeOn their self-titled debut LP, Golden Grrrls have suffered an identity crisis. The Glasgow three-piece eschew the painfully emotive rock that many from their fair city have made a name with. Instead, they champion the uncomplicated lo-fi aesthetic that's been sweeping Australia as of late. There's no shortage of summery harmonies, which are complemented by a constant, inoffensive, jangly vibe. And while no one's asking the group to belt out lyrically complex material, ŕ la Belle and Sebastian, a little depth would be nice. Each of the 11 tracks moves so harmlessly that no resonance of any kind is formed. There are flashes of brilliance, especially when Golden Grrrls begin to actually stretch their wings with two-part harmonies, as on album closer "We've Got…" It's one of the few cuts on the album that has a place outside of the bedroom that birthed Golden Grrrls. It's clear that the members of Golden Grrrls write enjoyable, harmless numbers with great ease. However, since these numbers are given little chance to grow, Golden Grrrls lacks staying power.
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