Have Some Faith In Magic

> > Feb 21 2012

Errors - Have Some Faith In Magic
By Michael EdwardsBeing an instrumental band from Glasgow that aren't Mogwai means there might be some obvious comparisons, especially if they happen to be signed to Mogwai's Rock Action label. Yet Errors have managed to carve themselves a little niche where they've already made two rather enjoyable albums. Album number three, Have Some Faith In Magic, sees them continuing to play around with synth-laden tracks, but they've added some vocals into the mix. Or rather, there are some vague, voice-like noises, which are just another colour on the band's palette, so they don't represent a major shift. However, the record still meanders around a bit too much, in the way instrumental music can, not quite sure where it's heading when it should be soaring. When it does soar though, it hits some pretty giddy heights. "Pleasure Palaces" is like a forgotten early '80s gem on Factory Records, while "Magna Encarta" has more than a touch of Battles about it. Those highs definitely make it a worthwhile listen.
(Rock Action)
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