Dum Dum Girls

End of Daze EP

> > Sep 25 2012

Dum Dum Girls - End of Daze EP
By Ian Gormely"I've got nothing left to say," sings Dee Dee Penny on the latest EP from her Dum Dum Girls, End of Daze. While she's clearly singing to an estranged lover, it's an ironic sentiment given that the singer-guitarist has spent her entire career creating brilliant noise-pop tunes out of others' sonic framework. Yet this latest offering presents the clearest vision of herself as an artist. Judging from the lyrical content, Penny was going through a break-up that led to anxious self-examination while she wrote these five tracks, their slow burn playing like a grown-up version of Best Coast's Crazy for You. End of Daze lacks the immediate pop hooks of the band's two full-lengths, but makes up for it in depth, as its contents burrow deeper with each listen. Hopefully this newfound clarity carries on through to the next LP.
(Sub Pop)
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