Dirty Three

Toward The Low Sun

> > Feb 21 2012

Dirty Three - Toward The Low Sun
By Vincent PollardDirty Three haven't brought us a new album in seven years, their members being kept busy with collaborations and guest spots. Warren Ellis composed several soundtracks with Nick Cave and also joined Cave's Grinderman project. Drummer Jim White worked with songstresses Nina Nastasia and P.J. Harvey, and Mick Turner has been busy with his solo work and the Tren Brothers. Opening track "Furnace Skies" is something of a diversion, with Turner's fuzz guitar and psychedelic organ. It's also something of a red herring, as from the second track onwards it remains in more familiar territory, but with occasional ivories fleshing out the sound and a looser, jazzier, more jammed-out feel. This is especially evident on "Sometimes I Forget You've Gone," which brings to the mind that other Australian trio, the Necks. To the casual listener, it may sound like a shadow of their greatest work, but fans will find it rewarding.

Read a feature interview with Dirty Three here.

(Drag City)
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