About a Burning Fire

> > Jun 2004

Blindside - About a Burning Fire
By Jasamine White-GluzAbout a Burning Fire is a strange concoction of interesting musical experimentation and lame rehashed screamo bits. Opener Eye of the Storm explodes with great melodies and great energy and passion, while Swallow is a strange punky number with a little too many audible production efforts. "Shekina” has some lady singing Swedish throughout the song, which musically unfolds into a pretty catchy pop number, with nice guitar work. The Irish lady, while she adds to the spiritual mood of the song, sounds just a little too out of place. Where the Sun Never Dies is a great rock number with a light dance electronic feel in the outro. Sounding much like fellow Swedes Refused, it would have been nice to hear more attempts at this style throughout the album. Electro quickly turns into an Eagles-esque number on Roads. Horns, swaggering vocals and desolate lyrics might not go over well with their more rock devoted fans, but is an honest and decent attempt. About a Burning Fire is strong, but could be made so much stronger if there were less P.O.D-esque group shouts and more attempts at experimenting beyond their musical confines.
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