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Beautiful Creatures

> > Aug 2001

Beautiful Creatures - Beautiful Creatures
By Craig DanielsAs we all know, Axl and his current crop of Gunners just can't seem to get it together to put out more of their Hollywood street rock, so it's no surprise that that vacuum is being filled by bands like Beautiful Creatures. The opening song, "1 A.M.," could easily be mistaken for vintage G'n'R, and actually stands alone as a pretty solid little rocker. It's got some crazy dual wah-wah guitar that almost sounds like ray guns being shot off. As for the rest of the record, the trip down Sunset continues to with the tough hair metal of "Wasted" (not the Black Flag cover) and "Kick Out," which almost treads on Nashville Pussy territory. The singer alternates from an AC/DC growl to an Axl howl and will probably be the only non-rap/industrial influenced hard rock voice on this year's Ozzfest tour. Fans desperate for Chinese Democracy and the re-recorded Appetite For Destruction might be able to comfort themselves with this album.
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