Basia Bulat

Oh, My Darling

> > Nov 2007

Basia Bulat - Oh, My Darling
By Vish KhannaToronto-bred indie darling Basia Bulat has composed a swell debut brimming with inventive instrumental interplay that serves as a worthy foundation for her bold voice and heartfelt songs. Bulat’s power as a performer is almost covert, as she surfs gracefully over dynamic arrangements, maintaining an even focus on the mood and sentiment at hand. "I Was a Daughter” begins with plaintive acoustic guitar and piano before rapid-fire handclaps and an unexpectedly frantic drumbeat are unleashed. "Snakes and Ladders,” however, comes forward immediately with unique percussion and soaring strings swelling gloriously with each chorus. Similarly, "The Pilgriming Vine” is deceptive folk, building into an orchestral march underneath Bulat’s hearty, wavering voice. Almost maternal in proclamations on the title track and the stirring "In the Night,” Bulat infuses great care into every instant of Oh, My Darling.
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