While She Sleeps

This is the Six

> > Nov 20 2012

While She Sleeps - This is the Six
By Bradley Zorgdrager Hailing from Sheffield, While She Sleeps will be inevitably compared to city mates Bring Me the Horizon. This comparison would be baseless and merely geographical if it weren't for the obvious similarities between their sounds. Simply put, This is the Six (now being released in North America for the first time) is the album BMTH's Suicide Season should have been. With a better grasp of hooks and a less obnoxious use of breakdowns, While She Sleeps manage to transcend the monotony inherent when a group ignore the higher strings on their guitars. However, in their efforts to stand out, the occasional foray into melodic bombast is just that: bombastic and gaudy. Luckily, most of the time the addition of pianos or fitting guitar leads enhance the music. It may be cliché to say, "shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you'll land among the stars," but in this case it's also very true. While She Sleeps haven't become metalcore's Neil Armstrong yet, they have matched, and even surpassed, some of its "stars."
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