Struck By Lightning

True Predation

> > Apr 24 2012

Struck By Lightning - True Predation
By Greg PrattColumbus, OH crust/grind smellies Struck by Lightning may contain Gregory Lahm (ex-Mouth of the Architect) behind the mic and six-string, but there's no attention-span-testing, post-interesting, er, post-metal on the group's second full-length (following 2009's Serpents). Nope, there's just straight-up, grinding crust, sludge and some old-fashioned, dirty, black-scented death'n'roll. "Mindfucker" shows the band exhibiting some restraint, as it's a more mid-tempo stomper, while tracks like "Stalk and Prey" bring the faster tempos and "Rabid Hysteria" finds that sweet spot between Venom, Tragedy and Motörhead. Like that excellent mid-period of Entombed where they embraced raw production and an honest approach in every aspect of their music, Struck by Lightning have it all, minus any songs that worm their way into the listener's head. But, hey, can you hum any riffs off of Entombed's Uprising except that very first one? Nope. Does it make it any less great? Nope.
(Translation Loss)
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