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Sofy Major / Uncle Touchy

Sofy Major / Uncle Touchy

> > Nov 08 2012

Sofy Major / Uncle Touchy - Sofy Major / Uncle Touchy
By Natalie Zina WalschotsHaving banded together for what they labelled the "Curbstomp Your Enthusiasm Tour," Tennessee noise perverts Uncle Touchy and French engines of destruction Sofy Major also pooled their efforts in the creation of a weird and deliciously violent tour split. Uncle Touchy contribute the chaotic and confrontational "Endless Forms," as well as their abrasive interpretation of Devo's "Freedom of Choice." Sofy Major prefer shattering force to blunt force trauma; "The Almighty Magic Water" is saturated with shrapnel, and "Bastion" sounds like it wants to claw your eyes out. For all their pugilism and circling, both of these bands have accessibility, a barbed-wire-handshake friendliness that also makes this split supremely fun to listen to. The energy and promise of this release is made somewhat bittersweet by the context that Sofy Major, who were in NYC to record their latest full-length, with producer Andrew Schneider, lost all of their gear when Translator Audio was completely demolished by Hurricane Sandy. The metal community has rallied around them and Schneider, and both the recording and the tour will go on. This should be all the more reason to support the band by acquiring this delicious nugget of ultra-violence.
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what to say? sofy major are great but i am unfamiliar with uncle touchy, it seems like a good reason to listen. had been hoping that Sofy could do a broader tour than the east coast. such is life i suppose. thanks for the review.
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