The Time of Great Purification

> > Sep 27 2012

Pathology - The Time of Great Purification
By Denise FalzonWhile Pathology's 2011 release, Awaken to the Suffering, was less than impressive, considering 2010's stellar Legacy of the Ancients, there was still a glimmer of hope for their latest full-length, The Time of Great Purification. Unfortunately, the release is sub-par. Although the San Diego, CA band have the technical abilities, namely drummer Dave Astor (of the Locust and Cattle Decapitation fame), and a brutal death metal sound, there's not much that holds the listener's attention and leaves a lasting impression. Adhering to the musical formula they adopted on Awaken to the Suffering, the new record is predictable, with uninspired song structures and repetitive riffs. The tracks blend together, leaving nothing memorable. And even though the aggression and intensity are there, complete with heavy riffs, blasting drum work, brutal vocals and amazing production, they're not enough to redeem the lacklustre songwriting on The Time of Great Purification.
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