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Orchid's Curse - Words
By Natalie Zina WalschotsBased in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Orchid's Curse have been making a name for themselves in the underground metal scene since the release of Voices: The Tales of Broken Men, which earned them an East Coast Music Awards nomination in the Loud Album of the Year. Words is a considered attempt to push their unconventional envelope even further, and as might be expected from the album title, Orchid's Curse have chosen to focus on the lyrics and narrative of the album as much as possible. Words is about the use and abuse of rhetoric, and the way that language is twisted by power. "For Those Who Grovel" is a hardcore-meets-hard-rock homage to the snivelling weakness that drives us to say anything to save ourselves, while the titular "Words" is a hard-driving, doom-laden piece that reflects on the simultaneous potential and emptiness of language. Throughout, Orchid's Curse employ their familiar tactic of borrowing the techniques of multiple genres, from filthy death metal riffs to hardcore barks, progressive guitar explorations and dirge-like, doom-influenced song structures. Words is more conceptually sound than its predecessor while displaying the same technical wizardry and vision.
(Diminished Fifth)
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Thanks for the review Natalie!
-Love Orchid's Curse
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Great Band! Awesome Review!
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