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> > Nov 02 2012

Okkultokrati - Snakereigns
By Kiel HumeEveryone always forgets that there's more to Norway than black metal. The Norwegians have blackened other things, like punk, resulting in really good acts like Okkultokrati. This band have one thing really going for them: they sound the way every band should: deep, fast and pummelling riffs, combined with a blackened crusty punk vib,e and the sound is magical. It's pretty easy to see the black metal lineage: if you tone down the traditional black metal anti-everything, scorched earth, Dada aesthetic and add some, "hey let's get this party started" punk energy, you've arrived at Snakereigns. As Okkultokrati's second full-length, Snakereigns is a triumph of big sounds and stadium-worthy anthems. The band are at their best when things are fast and steady. Certain moments move into moodier Black Sabbath territory, and while these add to the band's overall beefy, tri-tone, evil sound, they don't break new ground. For the most part, Snakereigns sounds like an epic Halloween party in Hell. Judging by act like Okkultokrati and Bastard Priest, the Nordic countries are looking like they're ready to reclaim heavy music.
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