Obscene Humanity

> > Nov 07 2012

Nails - Obscene Humanity
By Natalie Zina WalschotsWhile hardcore and powerviolence fans await the release of the next full-length album from Southern California's Nails, who are set to release the already anticipated Abandon All Life in Spring of 2013 on Southern Lord, at least there's this new seven-inch to tide us over. The EP features three tracks off their 2009 release of the same name, re-recorded during the sessions that would produce 2010's Unsilent Death. "Confront Them" has a fuller, more clamorous and uneasy sound, as though the track were banging against locks and rattling chains. "Lies" is imbued with a renewed, snarling viciousness and the title track channels a howling nihilism that comes from the bottom of the gut. While in no way a main course in its own right, this certainly does serve to whet the appetite while we await fresh carnage.
(Southern Lord)
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