My Heart to Fear

Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity

> > Dec 18 2012

My Heart to Fear - Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity
By Bradley Zorgdrager My Heart to Fear could use a heavy dose of Ritalin. The metalcore band hop all over the genre's signature sounds with too many thoughts focused on their competition and none on composition. In an effort to appeal to everyone, the band have actually found themselves in the no man's land of their title. The occasional moment of brilliance loses its lustre in a cluster of disconnected parts mashed together. You'll find cliché melodic riffs clumsily slapped between, and on top of, chugs, which are in turn spoiled by keyboard parts. The breakdowns are undermined by the incredibly lifeless singing, both of which sound like the band are going through the motions based upon expectations. All of which is a shame because My Heart to Fear certainly have the talent to craft a compelling album. Hopefully next time they dictate where the music goes, rather than letting trends steer them.
(Solid State)
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