The Love Below

Every Tongue Shall Caress

> > Apr 03 2012

The Love Below - Every Tongue Shall Caress
By Bradley Zorgdrager The Love Below bear the unfortunate (and hopefully exclusive) distinction of sharing their moniker with an Outkast album title. But given the dichotomy between the name and the actual hardcore-by-way-of-sludgy-power-violence found on Every Tongue Shall Caress, a group named Stankonia would possibly be the heaviest band in existence. More diverse than their early material, the Love Below's approach to songwriting is unwavering, even if the vocals aren't. Words spoken in a normal voice are followed by those pushed to near-distorted territory in a screeching howl quivering with emotion. Uncompromising song titles such as "Nazi Uniform," "Rotten Fruit from a Shitty Tree," "Social Fuck Disease" and "Pedophiles Basement (Convalescence)" do little to mask the relentless music contained within. It just goes to show that sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. Should you throw this one on your Speakerboxxx and turn it up loud? Hey ya!
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