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Isis - Temporal
By Natalie Zina WalschotsSince post-metal explorers Isis disbanded in 2010, there have been a series of releases commemorating their venerable 13-year career. Label Ipecac released the Isis Live I to V collections throughout 2011, each CD representing a landmark live show, and now Temporal is in the world, a collection of remixes, covers, rarities and previously unreleased tracks spread over two discs, along with an accompanying DVD of music videos. Temporal is undoubtedly a fetish object, produced with collectors in mind, but it also has enough novelty to be of interest to casual fans. Alternate demos of "Ghost Key" and "Wills Dissolve" provide fascinating insight into the development of these tracks and the band's repetitive, Zen-like song structures as a whole, and covers of Godflesh's "Streetcleaner" and Black Sabbath's "Hand of Doom" are intelligent and intricate re-imaginings of these respected numbers. Just as prolific in death as they were in life (perhaps even more so), with Temporal, Isis continue to haunt their career like fretful ghosts.
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