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> > Jun 20 2011

General Surgery - Necrology
By Greg PrattA bit of an unsung classic in the gore-grind scene, this 1991 debut EP from Swedes General Surgery is horribly and wonderfully grotesque: ugly production values envelop the fast/faster/still faster songs rooted in grind, but incorporating death metal riffs galore instead of a reliance on gore-grind's simpler punk-inspired riffing. And, of course, there are the classic puked-up gore-grind vocals. Necrology's total lo-fi adoration of first-gen gore came at a time when Carcass were starting to experiment with actual song structures, making this a nice blast of gore-grind ghosts past even them, but here reissued with three bonus songs that sound, predictably and comfortably, just like the original seven. Fans of the raw, ugly side of gore-grind (yes, there's a less ugly side) need to own this EP. You might as well grab this reissue if you don't have the original platter of anti-social, disgusted and disgusting splatter.
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