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General Surgery

Like An Ever Flying Limb

> > Nov 07 2012

General Surgery - Like An Ever Flying Limb
By Denise FalzonThere's only one thing better than the already exceptional sub-genre of gore-grind: death metal-infused gore-grind. Sweden's General Surgery pull off this style better than most, living up to their "Carcass clone" status. Not ones for releasing many full-lengths, with only two LPs, despite having been around for over two decades, General Surgery follow-up their most recent compilation, A Collection of Depravation, with this five-track EP of brand new material. Clocking in at 11 minutes, Like An Ever Flying Limb is a fast-paced, crushing assault, proving that the group can still churn out tracks that maintain their classic, gore-soaked sound while offering something refreshing. The opening title track unleashes raw, unrelenting aggression, while the grotesque "Ejected Viscous Mucus" starts with a slower, groovier pace that builds into an attack of non-stop hyper-riffs and blast beats. Like An Ever Flying Limb is full of intense rage throughout, and with clean, Swedish-style production, General Surgery have accomplished the feat of merging new ideas with traditional elements, successfully bridging the gap between nostalgia and progression.
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what a great fucking ep.
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