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Early Graves

Red Horse

> > Oct 28 2012

Early Graves - Red Horse
By Greg PrattWhen former Early Graves vocalist Makh Daniels died in a van accident a mere two months after the San Francisco, CA-based hardcore/crust/punk/metal band released their excellent sophomore effort, Goner, in 2010, no one saw this coming a mere two years later. But this album is a total victory: opener "Skinwalker" is a long, sprawling, Converge-esque emotional drainer of a hardcore tune, while "Misery" follows it up with a speedy, no-frills hardcore punk/crust rager. The same great production sound is present — very raw and full of feeling — and the same intangible vibe the Early Graves always possessed is also in effect. Here, new vocalist John Strachan (Funeral Pyre) proves he's just as capable of unleashing the type of sonic fury that a band like this need a vocalist to have. With this hugely energetic disc, consisting of eight tunes in 32 minutes, Early Graves have proven that they can survive a horrible catastrophe and continue to make great music. And gut-wrenching closer "Quietus" proves they're even still pushing ahead to new, greater places.
(No Sleep)
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