Dethalbum II

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Dethklok - Dethalbum II
By Keith CarmanWhile some of the novelty behind cartoon metal outfit Dethklok and their Metalocalypse series has deflated over the past year, that doesn't mean creator/voice talent/musician Brendan Small has stalled in any way. Yes, the debut from the "band" managed to out-sell most tangible metal acts by a long shot, while this sophomore opus is sort of riding under the radar. But when the strains of "Bloodlines," "Laser Canon Deth Sentence" and "The Cyborg Slayers" start to infiltrate the masses, this album is sure to forego its predecessor's instant gratification and be solidified as something with lasting results. Small's musicianship and songwriting are continually improving, given the limitations of being in an animated band, yet he still manages to unify the expectations of Dethklok ― the album sounds almost identical to Dethalbum ― without succumbing to the trappings of repetitiveness. It's what we expect while still offering more: solid songs, amusing lyrics and a better, more imaginative dose of death metal than most flesh'n'blood candidates are capable of presently.
(Adult Swim)
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