Unspoken Words

> > Feb 2009

Derelict - Unspoken Words
By Bill WhishWith Quebec being a region that has death metal sewn into its very fibre, its no surprise to catch wind of another high quality extreme act making their way out of the province. Montreal's Derelict combine several realms of extreme music into a very tasty final result. Unspoken Words, the band's second LP, takes most of its aggression from some of the later Death albums but it doesn't halt there. Seemingly random classical music breaks pop up along with some progressive elements that may remind of Cryptopsy, which is unsurprising considering Derelict's place of origin. Holding such luminaries as influences requires top notch musicianship and Derelict don't disappoint, as this record is littered with the technical precision that any seasoned Canadian metal fan would demand from a Québécois (save for their Saskatchewan-born skins man) act. The band members are all in their mid-20s, so we should hopefully see great things from them in the future.
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