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Controlled Elite

> > Dec 11 2012

Dehumanized - Controlled Elite
By Denise FalzonThe saying, "good things come to those who wait" is especially true in the case of NYC death metallers Dehumanized, as they've finally released a sophomore album after 14 years: the exceptional Controlled Elite. Having formed in 1995, they split in 2000, reformed in 2004 and then split again in 2007; the band have had their fair share of troubles, but now is the time for Dehumanized to get the recognition they deserve. Featuring a mix of old school and modern death metal flourishes, Controlled Elite has that familiar NYC style. "Body Colonizers" is filled with hardcore-influenced grooves, in the vein of Suffocation and Maryland's Dying Fetus, while "None Shall Remain" is more of a straight up, classic death metal track, featuring intense buzz-saw riffs. Highlight "Root of Evil" contains chugging grooves and heavy, headbang-worthy, mid-paced riffs, and even features a guest appearance by Suffocation's Terrance Hobbs, who offers up a dazzling guitar solo.
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