6:66 Satan's Child

> > Dec 1999

Danzig - 6:66 Satan's Child
By Roman SokalFirst as an innovator with inspirational punks the Misfits, and later Samhain, Glenn Danzig has done his own thing, paving the way for the likes of Rob Zombie. With the first four Danzig albums he created a unique sound that was akin to a gothic strip-show soundtrack, and now with his first album since his 1996 techno-fondling Danzig 5, Danzig plunges into pure metal territory, a category he was previously mistaken to be part of. Boasting carnal artwork, the tracks on 6:66 Satan's Child are dense and harder with help from Quicksand guitarist Jeff Chambers, and featuring an older raspier-voiced Danzig. Here he opts for multiple-tracked vocals and not his hybrid Roy Orbison technique. Also scattered throughout the songs are analog synths that add in a slight sci-fi-ish element, adding an airy quality. Deep within the album rests the centrepiece track “Eternal,” a crafty, drawn-out, brooding piece that is carried by a programmed loop. This is not his strongest release, yet it is definitely intense and lush.
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