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Code Orange Kids

Love is Love // Return to Dust

> > Nov 20 2012

Code Orange Kids - Love is Love // Return to Dust
By Bradley Zorgdrager Their latest release might surprise some Code Orange Kids fans — and make converts of naysayers. The band have finally managed to capture the ferocious intensity of their live show in the studio, thanks to Kurt Ballou (Converge). Coupled with a pared down, but beefed-up, sludgy metallic hardcore sound, this pushes the Kids' energy and ferocity to higher levels. However, unwilling to depend solely on aggression, they branch out into, and build on, a previously latent melodic side. Singing takes the lead in the album's middle section and, rather than halting the momentum, the diversity drives it further. An instrumental interlude gives the listener a final break before closer "Bloom (Return to Dust)" hits; it subsequently and abruptly cuts out, forcing one to start the album over. With Love is Love // Return to Dust, Code Orange Kids have realized their potential on record and the "Kids" part of their moniker only undermines the precision with which they craft their musical assault. And as far as the "Code Orange" part goes, there isn't a colour adequate to describe the threat the band's peers should feel from an album this strong.
(Deathwish Inc.)
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