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One Wing

> > Sep 05 2012

The Chariot - One Wing
By Greg PrattEasily one of the most underrated acts in the extreme music underground, the Chariot have been unfairly lumped into many categories in their time, or, more realistically, were not paid attention to, but this Georgia-based band just don't care and they keep going, each album being more chaotic and less restrained. On this, their fifth, they continue to throw metalcore on its side by way of an extremely noisy, unhinged punk rock approach. You can practically see the group falling apart in the studio during the noise chaos of "in," while "Your" is simply serene female vocals (boldly placed as the third song). Sure, they don't do themselves any favours by adding Botch guitar squeals in "Not" (bands still do that?) and the silly spaghetti western bit in "First" isn't something that warrants repeat listens, but pound for pound this is another very solid album from an awesome band.
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