Still Nothing Moves You

> > Oct 2008

Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You
By Keith CarmanProbably the only band capable of turning a hilarious statement like, "I won’t be skullfucked by faith” into a chant-worthy anthem, Ceremony redefine what it means to be venomous, chaotic and fucking heavy on latest release Still Nothing Moves You. Attacking with the vehement energy of Trash Talk yet coming even further left of the pack via influences from ’90s hardcore outfits such as Tragedy, Ceremony hammer off endless minute-long blasts of seething hatred in rapid repetition that all but paralyze with their frustration and anger. In the case of Still Nothing Moves You, this results in 21 minutes of nerve-wracking hardcore that borders on grind thanks to choppy distortion, thudding double-bass drums and a scorching vocal attack. Dissonant and dreary while still able to instigate the motherfucker in any old school crossover fan, Still Nothing Moves You is hardcore’s equivalent of Hiroshima.
(Bridge Nine)
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