Burning Love

Rotten Thing to Say

> > Jun 19 2012

Burning Love - Rotten Thing to Say
By Bradley Zorgdrager Burning Love and Cursed (vocalist Chris Colohan's previous genre-defining group) are both visceral, though for entirely different reasons. While Cursed appealed to the raw rage that consumes you when completely losing yourself, Burning Love encourage another form of letting go ― the type that comes with having fun. Rotten Thing to Say is rock'n'roll played with hardcore energy for everyone. Though leaning heavily on the rock'n'roll side of things, tracks such as "No Love" and "Tremors" gallop with hardcore vigour. Colohan's vocals, which are delivered in the same vein as his previous work, only push the hardcore side further, adding an edge not found in mainstream rock. Replete with catchy melodies, in the form of leads, solos and vocals patterns, with a rhythm section to match, this isn't rock as an insult, Ó la Nickelback. Rather, Burning Love add a dark edge to credible rock bands like Queens of the Stone Age and in doing so, have crafted one of the catchiest hardcore albums, or heaviest rock albums, of the year. No matter which way you look at it, you win.
(Southern Lord)
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