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Brokaw - Interiors
By Mike SimpsonThe weight associated with G. Stuart Dahlquist's name ― we're talking physical heaviness, in addition to musical influence ― would lead one to assume that Brokaw, the latest group to feature the renowned bassist and Asva idea man, holds similar gravity and abstraction to his other work. Instead, the short songs and focused delivery of Interiors hit far more like a rock record than most would expect ― an off-kilter, intelligent, noise-driven rock record, but something that's got a sizable groove nonetheless. Although AmRep influences like Halo of Flies and the Jesus Lizard are prevalent, the straight-ahead elements of the aforementioned act are what pervade, with a lesser emphasis on the angular. There are several aspects in the vocal style and attention to lyrical detail that curiously bring Clutch to mind, reinforced by the blues-based guitar work on tracks like "Politicians By The Pool." It is on "The Slide" that we see all of these elements ― the frantic noise and the classic swagger ― come together in their most intriguing form.
(Good To Die)
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