Yellow & Green

> > Jul 17 2012

Baroness - Yellow & Green
By Natalie Zina WalschotsThis highly anticipated double album continues the theme of colour-oriented album titles Baroness established with Red Album and Blue Record. Rather than the verdant freshness and reviving sunlight this album's title attempt to evoke, what Yellow & Green channels is the wan sickness of disappointment. Throughout their career, the cerebral and sophisticated Baroness have maintained a brilliant tension between the grime and grit of sludge and the intricate sophistication of prog metal and rock. Their genius has always lain in playing these two aesthetics off each other, allowing for moments of roughness and awkward juxtaposition to create aching, sublime compositions. On Yellow & Green, they've made the decision to do away with that tension and instead go for something in the middle, a bland combination that has flab in place of sludge and moments of mere prettiness instead of transcendence. The result is flat and congealed, lacking danger. Even "Take My Bones Away," which came across as a silvery, vital song live, sounds heavy and lumpy on the album, with no nimbleness or grace. In an attempt to find the median point in their sound, rather than celebrating the joy of their extremes, they have leached out all the colour, leaving us with a record that should have been titled Beige.
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Shouldn't this be in the Pop section?
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Good review. I love Baroness but didn't care for this album at all, in fact i would say it was boring rubbish if i'm being honest. It seems like too many people are scared to say that though, it's total Emperor's New Clothes syndrome. Any forums where i've ead comments, those who express disappointment with it are shouted down by hipsters who think anyone that doesn't love it is just a dumb metalhead. I think those people are deluding themselves or have never heard Baroness before, this album is an absolute flatline of inanity compared with the majesterial riffs and lyrics of previous releases.

And Scott is absolutely right, this is not metal any more, it's pop, it's just dead and totally uninspired. I imagine they'll lose a lot of fans, but probably gain quite a few whose taste in music is none too discerning.
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Couldn't agree more. It's total pop. I was SUPER hoping that they would revert back to "Red". Not the case, unfortunately. I imagine that this effort will be played after Nickle back songs on terrible radio stations. It's an epitaph of an exceptional band.
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