August Burns Red

Rescue & Restore

> > Jun 24 2013

August Burns Red - Rescue & Restore
By Bradley Zorgdrager Simply put, things haven't been the same for August Burns Red post-Thrill Seeker, which is to say, they have been. The group found their niche and have stuck to it ever since, even on much of their latest, Rescue & Restore. It's ironic that the most interesting track on August Burns Red's new album is titled "Creative Captivity." The song is primarily instrumental, and comes with none of the boundaries imposed by metal as a whole, or the even stricter expectations of August Burns Red's sound. Although the album doesn't repeat a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-breakdown formula, it also lacks distinct or memorable riffs. They all blend together, which is great for making a flowing song, but not so good for promoting 48 minutes of listening. If all metalcore bands could play as well as August Burns Red, the genre wouldn't be such a dirty word amongst metalheads. It's just a shame the only thing holding them back is the sound they built their career on.
(Solid State)
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ABR switches it up on every album. I don't know what you've been listening to, or you just haven't listened intently
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