Wild Ox Shangri-La

> > Dec 04 2012

Angry - Wild Ox Shangri-La
By Natalie Zina WalschotsThe very first release on new Vancouver, BC-based punk and metal label Defiled Under Music, Angry's debut full-length, Wild Ox Shangri-La, breaks like a bottle of malt liquor over the bow of a new ship. It's a chaotic, messy album that takes many gambles in its bid for musical complexity, and while only some of these are successful, the record is at least never dull. "Colony of Murder" starts off with a deep, throbbing groove that speaks to a head-banger's neck muscles, but then fractures apart into an ill fitting, fractal passage. Many attempt a progressive feel but end up sounding sloppy instead of complicated. However, even at its most rushed and haphazard, there's a joyful wildness that keeps the record fun and instils a sense of affection. You might not be the most graceful dancer when blind drunk, but that doesn't mean you won't be fun to watch.
(Defiled Under Music)
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