Deathless Master

> > Apr 10 2012

Acephalix - Deathless Master
By Natalie Zina WalschotsAcepahlix formed in 2007 and are currently based in San Francisco, CA. The old-school, filth-encrusted death metal of Deathless Master is all throttling intensity, with just the right amount of crustiness. Acephalix aren't interested in filler, nor do they feel inspired to ease the listener into the particulars of their sound. At a bare half-hour, not a moment is wasted. Deathless Master is all tight, sinewy riff structures ― songs that succeed by virtue of their grip and tensile strength. The guitar tone has a sharp, gritty quality, like rubber tires rolling over broken glass. Even on the impressive solo work, this crunch comes through. The vocals are the star of Deathless Master, however, and the record's greatest strength. The vocalist, referred to only as Dan on the band's website, has a particularly thick, coagulated quality. Not only is the sound he produces deep and cavernous, but it also has a thick, liquid quality that smothers and coats the inside of the ear like clotted arterial blood. The vocals are placed just slightly low in the mix, which is a wise choice, keeping them from dominating the tracks entirely while allowing the punishing drums and red-hot guitars some time in the spotlight. "On Wings..." is a standout, replete with hooks and a chorus that makes the listener ache to bang their head.
(Southern Lord)
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"The guitar tone has a sharp, gritty quality, like rubber tires rolling over broken glass."

That's an awesome description of the guitar sound.

The tremolo-picked stuff sort of reminds me of Demoncy's sound on Joined in Darkness. Similar sort of sanded-down roundness.
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