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Torche - Songs For Singles
By Keith CarmanWe know what you're thinking: "Another EP?" Yes, but while the latest from Floridian rock-influenced sludge metal trio Torche is their third in as many years, make no mistake about the wealth and value of the material on Songs For Singles. Initially they intended the tracks for the long-anticipated follow-up to 2008's Meanderthal, but after growing weary of toiling, the band issued the tunes they felt were complete. At that, they were more than right ― these eight pieces are the most accessibly refined, yet irresistible, tracks Torche have crafted to date. Opening with the atmospheric, catchy, yet eerie, "U.F.O.," before sliding through more haunting pieces such as the mystical "Shine on My Old Ways," drivingly hook-laden "Cast Into Unknown" and grandiose "Out Again," Songs For Singles may be just over 20 minutes, but an awe-inspiring experience is packed into that fleeting length. Moreover, it provokes one to wonder: if this is so great, just how phenomenal are the numbers that aren't yet finished?
(Hydra Head)
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