Keith Fullerton Whitman


By Daniel SylvesterPart-time electronic/full-time experimental music obsessive Keith Fullerton Whitman prefers his craft to remain orderly, scholarly and with purpose, producing through synthesis rather than emotion. Generators (Whitman's tenth proper release and first since 2005) couldn't be any more typical of this creative process. Over two tracks, running 17 minutes and 35 seconds each, the Somerville, MA noisemaker takes things one step further, creating music by simultaneously sending multiple signals to his analogue equipment while manufacturing a seemingly random series of sounds and tones. The results find Whitman working in direct opposition to many electronic avant-gardists. Most deconstruct sturdy structures, while Keith manages to build from chaos, as movements coalesce into two- and three-minute mini-suites before scattering and bouncing randomly like red-hot atoms. Despite all of the calculations and conceptions that went into Generators, the two tracks manage to come off as impulsive and exciting. In other words: vintage Whitman.
(Editions Mego)
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