By Vish KhannaOften lumped in with indie rock jazz ensembles, Nova Scotia septet Gypsophilia are truly tricky to categorize on this vibrant new record that possesses a dramatic arc. A live favourite with crossover appeal, Gypsophilia do draw from familiar wells, conjuring the sweet swing of Django Reinhardt on something like "Heitzing," after taking a decidedly klezmer route in the plainly named "Jewish Dance Party!" That same manner of infectious gypsy jazz pops up throughout this bright recording overseen by Halifax engineer Charles Austin; one can almost imagine how full his hands must have been, as "Chased" proceeds to charm its way from the gifted assembly of musicians. When they let their hair down a bit more and take on the loose, semi-improvised flavour of "You Make Time," Gypsophilia shine a light on their remarkable intuition as an ensemble, ably dialoguing as if in a narrative, instilling the rich Sa-ba-da-OW! with playful taste.
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