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Phobos Deimos

> > Oct 2005

Red Ants - Phobos Deimos
By Thomas QuinlanThe Red Ants duo of Modulok (MC) and Vincent Price (producer) have previously made a bit of noise separately under the names Mofo and Lovely, respectively, and have both put in work with Noah 23 and his Plague Language crew. However, they have come into their own together as Red Ants. Modulok isn’t merely boasting when he brags that "Modulok and Vincent Price got the baddest chemistry” on opening track "Cockroach Omen.” In fact, Phobos Deimos is an angry, fist pumping soundtrack to urban rebellion that seamlessly merges each artist’s area of expertise. Over the album’s ten tracks, Vincent Price comes through with a futuristic mix of frantic, fascist marches for Modulok to flex his goose step vocal flows. Presenting a dark, desolate present and an even bleaker future, Modulok rages against the machine that is authority, throwing up graffiti, stealing your girlfriend and serving "every runny-nose, thumb-sucking delinquent on the block” in the process. If you think life is a picnic, be warned that Red Ants have marched onto the scene with a nearly flawless debut designed to upset the festivities.
(Seize the Capital!)
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