Tau Ceti

> > Nov 2003

Noah23 - Tau Ceti
By Thomas QuinlanThe third album from Plague Language founder Noah23 is a mix of previously unavailable material recorded prior to the release of his critically acclaimed sophomore album Quicksand. Fans of Noah will probably get a kick out of these tracks that are obviously cast-offs from his first two albums, but those unfamiliar with the hip-hop/jungle hybrid of word-association rapper Noah23 would be better advised to look for the much more professional sound of Quicksand. Tau Ceti suffers from many of the same problems of Noah's Neophyte Phenotype: poor sound quality and amateur mixing. There's also a number of unnecessary guest appearances that come off as basic and sloppy compared to Noah's fast-paced flow. Exceptions to this are Mofo (on "Vest") and Id Obelus (on "Mindless Hip Hop"), who both demonstrate quality flows comparable to Noah’s. It's important to keep in mind that Tau Ceti is a collection of songs that didn't make the cut for his first two albums, but really the only song that should never have been released is "Discordia," a messy song featuring Hangnail and Livestock. "Flim Flammed" would also be much improved with a lower mix on the guest vocals of Aries Steve. While Tau Ceti may not be an important purchase to make, it is definitely a fine addition to the Noah23 catalogue.
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