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More or Les

Brunch With A Vengeance

> > Oct 19 2010

More or Les - Brunch With A Vengeance
By Thomas QuinlanFor his third record, More Or Les compiles a list of complaints people have and turns it into an album, dropping songs about contemporary fashion ("Busted Gear," featuring Ambition and Wordburglar), dirty bathrooms ("The Bathroom Song," with a wicked verse from Latte D. Kyd), shitty clubs and live venues ("Raze the Bar"), and my personal pet peeve, people demonstrating bad hygiene in public ("Gold Digger 3"). He introduces the whole theme of hate on the chill "Feels So Good," with a soulful assist from Stacey Kaniuk on the hook. Les also gets a lot more help throughout: the Herbaliser provide an up-tempo beat influenced by "The Symphony" for a song about people who love the sound of their own voice ("A Lotta Talk") and the Airborne Quartet lay down a jazzy, speak-easy backdrop for a song about lazy employees ("Never Knew [Work Love]"), while posse cut "Nice Guys Too" features Timbuktu, Mister E, Abdominal, the Wordburglar and the Mighty Rhino, the latter also dropping rapid-fire raps on the high-speed "Get Back." More Rhino, please! And I wouldn't mind hearing Les on more beats like the glitchy production for "Broken," his diss of tech guys. Brunch With A Vengeance is Les's best album yet, thanks to beats that are mostly banging and a concept that is a great match for his writing style, which blends humour, witty punch lines and a sense of individuality with an easy-to-digest flow. Haters take note: this is how you do it.
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this is a great album weather youre a player hater or a player.this is smart
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the promo pic is making me hungry.
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Les' beats and rhymes keep getting hotter and hotter! On top of his top notch lyrical abilities, I discovered this week that the guy can rock a Ukulele!
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