The Godfathers (Necro and Kool G Rap)

Once Upon a Crime

> > Nov 29 2013

The Godfathers (Necro and Kool G Rap) - Once Upon a Crime
By Mark BozzerWhat do you get when street/shock rapper/producer Necro teams up with Juice Crew OG and your favourite underground rapper's favourite rapper, Kool G Rap? A menacing, abrasive and offensive album that provides hard beats, rhymes and enough diabolical blood and guts imagery to make you reach for wifey's P!nk CD for some relief. While on paper this project may appear to be an odd coupling (especially to the young cats), on wax both Necro and G Rap vibe off each other quite well over Necro's gritty, desolate throwback sound palettes.

This ain't no Macklemore — while G Rap anchors the duo with his trademark gruff delivery and tight rhyme schemes, Necro brings the crazy with his speedy, rapid-fire flow, touching on such heart-warming topics as killing, maiming and beating the piss out of people with all types of different objects. Skip past the warbling spaghetti-western of "Crook Catastrophe & The Gunblast Kid" as a pretty fresh beat gets killed by an unexplainable chorus that needs to take the 3:10 back to Yuma and instead press play on "Teflon Dons" and "Omertŕ," which pay homage to the Mafioso life (with a twist), and lead single "Heart Attack," which has the duo trading bars over a dope '80s-style Action-caper-chock-full-of-random-violence-starring-possibly-Charles Bronson type beat.

Had a bad day? Need to blow off some steam? Don't go out and catch a charge at some poor sap's expense. Plug in, press play and let the Godfathers kick some ass for you instead. You'll be glad you did.
(RBC/Psycho Logical-Records)
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