Get Some Friends

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Ghettosocks - Get Some Friends
By Thomas QuinlanThe abstract half of Halifax, NS rap group Alpha Flight, Ghettosocks finally gets to prove he is a hip-hop triple threat, being equally skilled as a rapper, producer and DJ. "City Life” is the only one of the 12 songs on this solo debut that Ghettosocks doesn’t produce, breaking the mould with a beat from his partner in Alpha Flight, Mr. Bix. The song also features Ghettosocks on only one verse, with Loe Pesci and Classified getting a verse each. It almost doesn’t belong in the mix, but it’s still a good song. Get Some Friends is filled with good songs. There’s the smooth fantasy of "A Song About Breakdancing,” the braggadocio of "Naturally Nice” and "I Invented Everything,” and the moral lesson of "Read-A-Book.” But two songs stand out above the others: "Step to a T-Rex” is Jurassic-sized braggadocio battle rap over a dark, hyper, stalking-in-the-jungle jam and has already been nominated for an East Coast Music Award, while "Steal From Walmart” is another funky, funny jab at the evil corporate empire. Ghettosocks hits a variety of production styles and he knits them all together with great attention to atmospheric sounds and little details within the beats. His lyrics, funny and introspective, are told with a confident flow strongly rooted in middle school New York rap. Ghettosocks comes into his own with Get Some Friends.
(Droppin' Science)
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