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Dope Poet Society - ProIntelPro: Promote Intelligence Program
By Sergio ElmirNever afraid to make targets of American presidents and Canadian prime ministers Dope Poet Society unleashes open warfare with beats that pop like cannon blasts and words that sting like poison arrows against anyone who stands for injustice and intolerance on ProIntelPro. On tracks such as "Bushit” and "9/11 World Trade,” attacks are open and accusations fly against the real terrorists in the world. Check "All of Us,” a multi-lingual track that champions unity as the greatest weapon against oppression or "Amazing” where Professor D unleashes a volley of criticism against MCs not saying anything. Taking influences from the granddaddies of militant hip-hop Public Enemy and KRS-One, Dope Poets Society lead the next charge against ignorance and greed. Combining positive lyrics based on positive social change with driving beats that scream revolution, ProIntelPro flows with militant chants and a touch of sly humour. With fists standing firmly in the air, Professor D, Belladonna and DJ Spinister have crafted a collection of stomping beats and spit-fire lyrics with a DIY ethic that is the soundtrack to your next political rally.
(Justus League)
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