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Action Bronson - SAAAB Stories
By Chris DartIf you were hoping Action Bronson's major label debut, SAAAB Stories, would be another Blue Chips, you're going to be a little disappointed. Sure, he's still using food as a metaphor for just about everything and referencing obscure athletes, but his delivery is slower and more deliberate than on most of his previous outings. The lush instrumentals from Harry Fraud don't lend themselves to the sort of liquid wordplay present on Bronson's earlier efforts. Instead, the whole thing gets darker and more ominous; his threats and boasts take on a new edge. It's not that Bronson is less lyrical than before, it's just that everything is more measured. The two exceptions on the seven-song EP are leadoff single "Strictly 4 My Jeeps," with Golden Era-inspired boom-bap and Bronson spitting hot bars, and the almost trap-ish "Alligator," which is catchy enough that it could be Bronson's crossover single. Hardcore Bronson fans may need a little time to get into SAAAB Stories, but it's worth it once you do.
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