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Odd Spring

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Oddisee - Odd Spring
By Kevin JonesIf the birds chirping, flowers blooming and bare skin weren't enough to have you loving springtime, the latest and final instalment in Oddisee's four-season opus will surely seal away all excuses. In stunning fashion, the Diamond District producer's Odd Spring invokes captivating images of both the unmatched beauty and ferocious restlessness inherent in its namesake, with strident rhythms cracking the surface to clear a passage for the gripping sonic lushness brimming beneath. With the unique water droplet nature sounds of opener "The Blooming" serving as a fitting entrée, Oddisee quickly hits listeners with the type of decimating beats and rich tonal combinations that have long made his name. Organ hints, raw drums and enveloping synth bass lines collide in the expertly concocted flavour of "Juba May," while float-y classic soul cut "In The Now" and the rhythmically ambitious "This Beat Is For Finale" fill out Oddisee's impressive bag of tricks. With quotable lyrics and a running time perfect for the ADD generation, Odd Spring isn't only an unbeatable send-off, it's one that leaves you wanting more.
(Audible Treats)
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