Common Grackle

The Great Depression

> > Oct 18 2010

Common Grackle - The Great Depression
By Thomas QuinlanWith each successive release, label Fake Four Inc. moves further into territory previously dominated by Anticon and Mush, as defined by their Frankenstein-like fusion of rap, indie rock, folk and electronica, mostly centred upon Saskatoon, SK producer Factor's collaborative creations. His compilation, Lawson Graham, was the label's most extreme example of this aesthetic, until the release of this collaboration with Guelph, ON singer-songwriter Gregory Pepper. His singing has that folky indie rock quality that embraces depression, but he also flirts with humour, describing grindcore fans as "body doubles from that shitty film The Crow" over a simple piano ballad on "The Grindcore Show," while complaining in a faux-rap-style that his label pays him in magic beans on the up-tempo, countrified "Magic Beans," alongside label head Ceschi. It's this latter track, and a guest verse from Kool Keith on opener "Thank God It's Monday," that provides the rap element, along with hip-hop-style drum programming here and there. Otherwise, it's plenty of piano, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and drums played with brushes. Certain songs could even pass as lullabies. While there's some humour to lighten the mood, and an up-tempo beat or two, songs about break-ups, loneliness and despair dominate. After all, it's not called The Great Depression for nothing.
(Fake Four Inc.)
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