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The Sadies

Internal Sounds

> > Sep 16 2013

The Sadies - Internal Sounds
By Vish KhannaSome have called them the world's greatest rock'n'roll band and the Sadies continue to live up to the hype with Internal Sounds, another instance where a new album one-ups the previous one in their catalogue. While the group often hire external producers like Greg Keelor and Gary Louris, this record marks the first one overseen by the Sadies' Dallas Good. As such, Internal Sounds possesses the most tension between their noise-punk origins ("The Very Beginning," "STORY 19," a tribute to Ronnie Splinter and his band the Outsiders) and the intangible aspect that makes them such an inclusive hit at folk festivals ("Another Yesterday Again," "Leave This World Behind"). If Dallas longs for the sonic ferocity of the Stooges, brother Travis is chasing something gentler. "So Much Blood" bears the Sadies' most striking reference ever to the Band, a group particularly close to Travis, who helms the song. The lyrics and arrangements are stellar, while having Buffy Sainte-Marie sing over 432-hz tuning experiment "We Are Circling" is the perfect closer for an album pushing boundaries while still steeped in tradition.

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Your 10 has no meaning.
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HAHA 10. Ok buddy. No doubt you are friends with members of this band.
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The Sadies must be as embarrassed as their fans at this badly written blatant suck up. Geez exclaim, what gives, besides your credibility?
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I bet this reviewer would have given this a 10 without even listening to it. That's what happens when friends review friends.
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A 10/10 if I've ever heard one!
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killer album. f@ck reviews...
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a band reference followed by "helms the song"...such writing! I love the sadies, and this album is great, but does not outdo Darker Circles, and the jury is still out on what exactly is happening with buffy.
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