Lindsay Fuller

You, Anniversary

> > Mar 24 2012

Lindsay Fuller - You, Anniversary
By Randi BeersAlabama native Lindsay Fuller has a fascination with death, as evidenced by her newest album, You, Anniversary. The title track (recorded with Amy Ray, of the Indigo Girls) was inspired by a W.S. Merwin poem, "For The Anniversary of my Death." She strums her acoustic guitar the way she sings: on the lowest registers. The album was recorded live in studio and her backing band carry the mood with cello, low minor chords on the piano and floor tom-heavy percussion. Stylistically, her vocals immediately evoke fellow southerner Lucinda Williams and her music often retains an urgent quality, as with "Circa Never" and "Libby." Other moments on the album reach a state of beauty and tenderness. Opening track "Everything I ever Had" is particularly arresting. Fuller's album is a beautiful homage to shuffling off this mortal coil, painted with images of the Deep South. As she sings in "Coal Mine Canary," "When that coal mine canary stops singing, you better run for your life."
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